First thing I do in the morning: checking twitter for updates on the every branch involved in web-design and development. I really love knowledge… After I’ve learned something new, and if I’m not trapped in a creativity whirlpool, well… time for breakfast!

As an Italian citizen my working history started when I was 15 years old, as a tradition we used to spend some weeks of our holidays working as fruit pickers in July and August. Along with the high school I started to work at the swimming pool, first as steward, then lifeguard and swimming teacher. After graduation came the degree in Science of the Communication, and later a professional course for web designer, with a part of web-marketing and customer care. I used all the training to start work as a freelancer graphic and web-designer for small business near my country.  I could work non-stop for hours with a music background! So now I wish to use my good level of english to find a place that will bring me to the next level, as there’s a lot more everyday to learn in this constantly evolving field.

You will find my work history in the pdf file or LinkedIn